The COMPLIANCE Department, coordinated by the Criminal Law Area offers:

  • Legal advice to companies on corporate social liability at all levels, and especially on the consequences of the reform of LO 5/2010 ratified by the reform introduced by LO 1/2015, as a source of duty of care of the corporate managers (according to the standard of diligence required of the members of the company).
  • Design and implementation of Compliance programs tailored for our clients in accordance with recent legislative reforms, especially ISO Standards 19600 and UNE 19601. Our department will:
  1. Conduct a review of the activities, processes, subprocesses and controls that your company can develop.
  2. Assess possible criminal risks within these processes.
  3. Review the policies and manuals that your company may have established, verify them and, if applicable, adapt them to the effective prevention of risks.
  4. Analyze the policies and procedures on financial information and materials which are necessary for the correct functioning of the prevention plan; verify that the system of funding of financial resources is adequate for control and prevention.
  5. DESIGN THE SUPERVISION AND FOLLOW-UP MODEL.- We will implement the protocols, guidelines and compliance mechanisms to avoid any risks that may be detected, including the establishment of the necessary contingency plans to mitigate the impact of the materialization of these risks.
  6. Design a disciplinary system that will sanction non-compliance with policies; elaborate the complians procedure that provides effectiveness to the program.
  7. Develop a training program in the area of ​​regulatory compliance for both employees and managers.
  8. Conduct a periodic evaluation of the model that will allow your compliance program to evolve along with your company.
  • Legal advice and defense of the interests of your company and/or of managers and employees in cases that may be brought against them, as a result of criminal charges.