Ana Sastre Fernández

Head of the Labor Management Department

Areas of Activity

  • Labor Management

Professional Experience

Fifteen years of experience in management in the workplace of companies.

Extensive and continued training in different specialties in the field of labor relations.

Provides advisory services and personnel management such as: the study of collective agreements, the processing of registrations, removals and changes in the affiliation of workers, the preparation of payroll and liquidations, preparation and presentation of the Tc’s, study, planning, advice and processing of hiring of labor personnel (General Regime or Autonomous). Management of medical leave, assistance with inspections before the corresponding authority, as well as the management of procedures before the General Treasury of the Social Security. Advice and guidance in retirement planning.

Academic Qualifications

  • Studies of Business Administration from the University of Barcelona.
  • Specialized training in Personnel Administration by the School of Senior Management and Administration (EADA).
  • Continuous attendance to up to date courses and conferences.