Daniel Del Río López

Associate. Especialist in Labour Law and Administrative Law.

Areas of Activity

  • Labor Law and Social Security.
  • Administrative Law and Public Law.
  • Labor and administrative procedure.

Professional Experience

Direction of studies on staff adequacy for companies in the public and private sectors. Intervention on numerous occasions in both judicial and extrajudicial proceedings on labour conflicts due to the dismissal of senior management as well as individual termination of staff working positions servicing Public Administrations and companies from the public and private sector.

Legal representative of a private insurance company and defence counsel for many years of private companies in labour conflicts arising from employees.
Intervention in both Administrative and Contentious-Administrative proceedings against penalties by the Provincial Employment Authority and in also in such proceedings related to Patrimonial Liability of Public Administrations.

Academic Qualifications

  • Graduate of Law from the University of Barcelona
  • Masters in Property and Construction Law (Ilustre Bar Association, Barcelona)
  • Masters in Civil Liability (Ilustre Bar Association, Barcelona)
  • Specialised qualifications in Labour Law and Immigration Law