Dra. Carmen Rodrigo De Larrucea

Partner and Head of the Health Law and Legal Medicine Department

Field of activity in the health section

  • Forensic medicine and Health Liability
  • Medical negligences and inaccuracies
  • Law and Bioethics
  • Expert reports in medical practice
  • Body damage assessment and Indemnity evaluation
  • Personal ability and autonomy assessment

Education and professional background

Lawyer, Graduated in Health and Laws and active collegiate member in Barcelona. Expert in Medical Laws and Forensic medicine, with a large practice experience in medical assistance, loss management and legal procedures.

Very familiarised with the analysis of health care assistance with damage output and viability of a potential claim. Have had successfully defended claims for misdiagnosis, lack of monitoring in the postoperative, error in drug administration, undesirable results due to unrefined surgical technique due to either curative treatments or non-curative treatments such as cosmetic surgery, as a few examples.

Standing out as per its proven experience in preparing expert reports and their trial defence, is a member of the Catalan Association of Judicial Experts and at the time it was appointed by Badalona Court as coroner.

It is part of several scientific committees as, the Master in Civil Liability, the Health Law Section of the Barcelona Bar Association, the Section of Medical expertise of the Barcelona Medical College and the Bioethics Master of the Borja Institute of Bioethics, among others.

Currently being part of international panel of experts in a new medical management scheme in Morocco in the speciality of Legal Medical and Public Health, promoted by the Spanish Agency in International Cooperation, the Healthcare Consortium and the Catalonian Public Health Agency.

Academic Qualifications

  • Bachelor degree of Medicine and Surgery from the UAB
  • Bachelor degree of Laws from UNED
  • Master in Body Damage Assessment from UB – Clinics
  • Certificate in Hospital Management from ESADE