Enrique Cancelo Castro

Director, Partner and Head of Criminal Law Department.

Areas of Activity

  • Criminal Law

Professional Experience

Author of various articles on financial offences and their occurrence in commercial entities.

Vast experience in all types of criminal proceedings related to a wide array of infractions of the Penal Code, with more than thirty years of experience defending clients’ interests from the start of proceedings until their conclusion. Professional experience which is highly-reputed by law courts due to previous intervention in multiple trials before the Magistrate’s Court, Criminal Court, the Court of Appeal, the Central Court of Instruction and the National Court.

Overseer of all criminal proceedings dealt with by the firm, with intervention in advocacy, meetings and support to all clients, defending their interests before diverse official bodies and courts.

Experience in criminal proceedings of high complexity with relation to Financial and Corporate Criminal Law, often involving media coverage. Outstanding knowledge in crimes
related to fraud with high numbers of victims; misappropriation; falsification and fraud in credit agreements; crimes against the Tax Office and money-laundering; defence of public servants, authorities and judicial workers in crimes of corruption and bribery; crimes against the person such as homicide, injury or aggravated robbery.

Participation in pre-trial and trial negotiations with the objective of avoiding or extenuating criminal responsibility.

Academic Qualifications

  • Graduate of Law from the University of Barcelona
  • Master in Criminal Law by the University of Barcelona
  • Specialised preparation in Criminal Law and Penitentiary Law