Irene González Arnal

Associate. Specialist in Marital Law and Family Law

Areas of Activity

  • Marital Law and Family Law
  • Joint Ownership
  • Rentals
  • Inheritance Law

Professional Experience

Authorised by the Ecclesiastical Court for representation in marital matters.
Intervention before the courts and tribunals of various autonomous communities of Spain in civil proceedings related to divorce and marital separation.
Filing of claims and oppositions related to legal competence, removal of guardian, guardianship and adoption. Defence counsel for cases related to parental rights, alimony, care and custody of minors, as well as visitation schedules in domestic partnerships

Joint Ownership and Rentals

Defence counsel for rights and duties arising from the Law of Joint Ownership.
Intervention in the drafting of complex rental contracts based on variable rates according to income and other forms of payment.

Defence counsel for clients affected by the diverse case practices derived from the Law for Urban Rentals, such as termination of contracts due to infraction of the agreements reached, evictions, claims for rent, deposits, challenges to rents and other. Intervention as arbitrator and observation of arbitral award in proceedings deriving from urban rentals.

Inheritance Law

Past and current intervention in proceedings for the division of shared inheritances, claims and supplementation to wills (“legítima”) arising from both the Spanish and the Catalan CivilCode.

Academic Qualifications

  • Graduate of Law from the University of Barcelona
  • Specialised qualification in both Civil and Canon Marital Law
  • Specialised qualifiaction in Urban Rentals
  • Member of the Ecclesiastical Tribunal, Barcelona