DIGESTUM LEGAL, a prestigious firm whose professional activity spans all specialities of law. Founded in 1982, we offer clients a comprehensive, personalised service and are continually committed to their interests while keeping them regularly updated on developments which may affect them.

Since 2010 we have embarked on a robust policy of incorporating lawyers who can work from a legal sphere which spans the new challenges brought on by the phenomenon of globalisation, thus establishing our firm as a model of the Catalan legal profession and one of the most recognised for its expertise.


DIGESTUM LEGAL, S.L.P. understands the practice of law as a quality, professional service which is based on a firm commitment to discretion, reliability and technical competence in defending the cases which our clients entrust us with. The continual professional development of all members of the firm ensures legal advice of the highest level.

Personalised attention to clients provides the necessary atmosphere of security and trust which allows us to conduct effective legal practice.
The wide experience of the lawyers who make up the firm is one of the reasons for the firm’s eminent success in resolving cases, as well as the rigorous, constant monitoring of affairs to which we are appointed.